Multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer & songwriter Florence Donovan played the piano and sung from an early age but it was not until a struggle and recovery from anorexia and a subsequent move abroad that she took the plunge into a full time musical career. Born in London, UK now based in Italy, she experimented with various genres, formations and bands, appeared on Italian National TV, toured both Italy & the UK and supported Bryan Ferry.

Deciding to go solo in 2011, she spent 3 years under the staircase at home, Harry Potter style, writing, producing and recording what would become her debut solo album “The Widowed Earth”. Using field recordings, extensive sound design and learning to play any instrument necessary. The result is an an emotional, unique, genre defying & cinematic soundscape of an album.

Taking the stage name Dos Floris (Florence and Donovan were already taken) the album was released in November 2015 by a small independent label and made it onto underground bloggers, radio presenters and independent record store’s top 10 best albums of the year getting excellent reviews & comparisons by fans and reviewers to Bjork, Sigur Ros, The Cocteau Twins, Agnes Obel, Radiohead & Kate Bush. The first video “Water” a “a gorgeous, bucolic convergence of the human spirit and nature” was released in November 2015 and on its own terms is gently pulling people into Dos Floris’ world.

Dos Floris plays her live concerts alone using an array of instruments [keys, flute, guitar, a stringed walking stick, looping pedal and vocals]. Firmly a believer that a live show should be a live show not a playback of a studio album the songs have been developed to exceed their recorded versions and create a flowing hypnotic musical set.